Tuhina Body Massage Center in Kolkata best spa

We offer all kind of body massage services at our body massage parlour in Kolkata. We are specialized in Full Body Massage, Body To Body Massage, Sex Massage, Sandwich Massage, Four Hand Massage, Hot Stone Massage & Thai Massage. Our services are offered by beautiful & highly qualified ladies. Who understands the needs & desires of the clients. For guaranteed full satisfaction visit our body massage parlour today.But in certain circumstances and owing to the claims of duty or the obligations of business it will frequently occur that pleasures have to be repudiated and annoyances accepted.

Massage is probably the oldest form of health care. First recorded in China in the second century BC. There are also Egyptian tomb paintings that show people being massaged. This practise was also widely recorded in ancient Greece and Rome.Although massage seemed to have “died out” in many parts of the western world in the 20th century, it is now making a big comeback. Over the past 30 years or so massage was seen as unfashionable and unsavoury mainly due to the advent of massage parlours and its association with cheap sex.

This image has all but disappeared as awareness of the value and benefits become known. The combination of alternative healing and the modern day disease of stress and stress related illnesses, have sent therapeutic Body Massage Center in Kolkata to the top of the alternative healing list.In fact massage is now used in intensive care units, with children, elderly people, babies in incubators, and also patients with cancer, AIDS, heart attack and strokes. The majority of hospices in America have some form of massage therapy available. It is also offered in health centres, drug treatment clinics and pain clinics.


One reason for its increased popularity is the number of people working with computers. Sitting at a desk for long hours, hunched over a computer screen can lead to many muscular problems. One common ailment is in the upper back and neck muscles. These muscles become tight causing tension and ultimately, over time, stress. You can easily fall into the habit of “hunching” up your shoulders while working at a computer. Again this will lead to tension and stress.

Most of us are suffering from some form of stress or tension, probably very mild in some cases, chronic in others. In many instances we do not realise it, it has just become a way of life. Regular therapeutic massage can be the answer. The benefits are many, not just stress. It will help you relax and un-wind. In fact anyone who has experienced a massage will tell you, they felt so relaxed, like floating on air, all of the burdens they were carrying… gone. For many, booking into a health centre for a massage can be expensive, especially with an injury that will require long term visits. However, with the many professional massage DVDs on the market it is quite easy to learn the techniques at home with your partner.

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